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Rant: Skyscape Screws iPhone Users

October 22, 2008

Well looks like Skyscape has decided to screw iPhone users. According to my conversation with this customer relations rep, while Skyscape apps on symbian, blackberry, windows mobile, palm and desktop will be available as a once off payment (standard edition), iPhone apps will only be available as a yearly subscription (subscription edition). Example: Stedmann’s What […]

Microsoft Ads – Now We’re on the Right Track

September 22, 2008

I have had very mixed reactions to the recent Microsoft ads with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. On the one hand I found myself totally confused as to what the message, if any there was, excluding an vague subliminal musings that some advertising guru came up with on his or her latest LSD trip. By […]

iPhone: My Mixed Bag Experience

September 10, 2008

So I have had my iPhone for a little over a month now and I thought i’d share my thoughts on it. THE PROS: Having switched across from a Windows Mobile device, I am loving the interface and the safari web browser. It actually makes surfing the internet on a mobile device bearable. The phone […]


September 9, 2008

Ok. I realise that I live in Australia. But the upcoming US Elections really interest me. On the one side you have the idealistic and comparatively inexperienced Barack Obama promising change for America from the last 8 years of George Dubuya Bush. And on the other side you have the self proclaimed Maverick John McCain […]