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Good News Everyone! Original Voice Actors are back!


Over the last few weeks we in the nerdosphere has been buzzing that even though Futurama was returning, there were some issues with getting the original voice actors back.

Fox was playing hardball with contract negotiations and announced that they might have to recast all the roles with totally new voice talent.

But According the the Toronto Star via io9, Fox has stated that a compromise agreement has been struck “with the studio paying more and the actors accepting less, comes after the announcement of a 26-episode pick-up here by Comedy Central”.

Great Zombie Jesus that IS good news. I don’t think I could have stood for my beloved Futurama with  some ‘ring in’ voices.

Hearing a complete stranger yelling “Bite my shiny metal butt” just doesn’t seem right. ;p


One Response to “Good News Everyone! Original Voice Actors are back!”

  1. Thank god. The voice actors ARE Futurama. Can you imagine someone else doing Dr. Zoidberg? I think not.

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