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John Hodgman: My New NerdCore Hero

My history with John Hodgman as a comedian has been a bit mixed. But no more.

mac vs pc

At first I didn’t like him very much from the Mac vs PC ads, but then strangely I starting liking his character rather than the ads themselves. His lovable bumbling PC was always stealing the show for the hipster straight man Mac. And even tho I do not like the ads to this day, I still don’t mind the comedic talent he demonstrates in them. (For the record I own a Mac and a PC).


My second exposure to him was on the Daily Show with John Stewart. His performances a correspondent were often a bit hit and miss for my tastes. Certainly he had some great moments, but he did not rate higher than my favourites: John Oliver, Aasif Mandvi or Rob Riggle. But his dry wit and dead pan delivery would often have me chuckling.


More recently, I have been meaning to get a copy of his two novels, “The Areas of my Expertise” and “More Information Than You Require”. I have seen videos of him doing live readings of various chapters and they seem quite genuinely funny. Anyone who can fabricate an entire history of hobos and hobo culture in the US has got my vote.

But the event that has solidified my devotion to my new hero and IMHO, the leader of the nerd revolution was the following speech to President Barack Obama at the recent Radio and Television Correspondent’s Association Dinner.

The speech was genius. It was a slow burn initially and then had me laughing out loud and in stitches for the rest. A veritable cavalcade of nerd references. A master performance Sir. I Salute You.

And for the record, to confirm that I am a nerd just like you Mr. Hodgman, I did know the answers to those Dune questions (answers are hidden, highlight the section below with your cursor to reveal):

1) Shai Hulud

2) Thumper

3) Water of Life

I am a Nerd!!!! Nerds and Geeks of the world unite. NERD CORE!!!! ;p


One Response to “John Hodgman: My New NerdCore Hero”

  1. I believe Mr Hodgmans book is on Demon as an audio..

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