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Amuro Ray, Gundam: Launching!

Yet another childhood memory has presented itself in real life, well as close it can be without having a fully functional suit of mecha armour.

According to

090612-gundam-g0“A group called the Green Tokyo Gundam Project built a Gundam statue in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the franchise and in promotion of  Tokyo’s bid for the 2016 Olympics.

The statue itself stands about 59 feet (18 meters) tall, and is said to be a 1:1 replicate of the Gundam from the show. The statue is built with strong, weather resistant materials. Attention has been paid both to detailed accuracy of the statue, as well as its durability.”

For more pics visit the fantastic gallery over at

I own a few Gundam figurines and I can tell by the way the right hand is shaped, that perhaps they still need to add a pulse rifle or laser sword. Which would ROCK!!!!

This all shades of awesome. I read several times previously that they were building it, but to see it full realised is certainly a sight to see. One more reason I need to visit Japanese aside from Akiabara and Harajuku.

This was one of the first cartoons I watched as a child. My relatives used to tape the show in Hong Kong and send the tapes to me in Australia. So many fond memories ;p

Just looking at the pictures of this thing, I am constantly waiting for the head to flip back, a hatch to open and for Amuro Ray to climb out. It’s that realistic.

Even found the intro to the anime series on Youtube. Although when i heard it as a child it was in Cantonese. But the tune is unmistakable. Damn, now I want to watch it all over again. haha.

UPDATE (14/6/09)


<– Image Source:

This is a picture of the statute lit up at night. All I can say is WOW!!!


2 Responses to “Amuro Ray, Gundam: Launching!”

  1. see my name is close to him (Amri)hihihi
    i respect him much as hero of my lifetime.inspired me much as much as my brother.if i had a son later, i’ll name him Amuro Ray

  2. i can only hope that they actually make mobile suits within my life time if they do that im joining the military for sure =) i can only hope though

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