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Look Up. Look Up. Look Up. The Sky is Falling!

I have a lot of fond childhood memories, and among the most cherished is Robotech. Different to many typical Robotech fans, my favourite story arc is the Third Robotech War, Invid Invasion. I do have a ‘special’ place in my heart for Macross and it’s a definitely close race for first spot for me, not much separates them.

But in the end I like the grittier and the more bitter sweet story line chronicling the liberation of Earth from the Invid.


The tragic, but noble Scott Benard who lost his love, Marlene in the initial assault on Earth. But who still stalwartly presses on to complete his mission and finding love again ironically with Ariel (a child of the Invid Regent).

The tough and uncompromising Rook Bartley and her faithful companion and free spirited partner in crime, Rand.

Lunk, the fallen solider who faces his the ghosts of his past and his cute and sometimes annoying sidekick Annie “Mint” LaBelle . Yeah she’s the Minmei type character.

And last but not least the smart and quintessential solider boy (and sometimes cross-dressing) Lancer.

alpha_lonely_soldier_boyTNROBO004798The Alpha Fighters rock, the Cyclones are uber cool.

My favourite episode would definitely be the one where they run into the compromised and turned traitorous Colonel Wolfe, and his final realisation of the man he used to be and his atonement at the end in saving Scott’s life (the one solider who still believes he is a hero).

The whole Robotech series has memorable songs that I remember vividly. “We Will Win” sung by Minmei and “Lonely Solider Boy” sung by Lancer. But by far my favourite song is “Look Up the Sky is Falling” originally performed by Michael Bradley.

The following awesome video from Xamtaro is set to a haunting remix of that song and set to footage from Shadow Chronicles, the 2007 Robotech sequel movie. I liked Shadow Chronicles a lot, the next movie is currently in development at the moment, and I look forward to Shadow Rising.



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