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Will the Real Batman… Please Stand Up….

Well with the supposed death of Bruce Wayne the question remains, who will assume the mantle of the Batman? has reported that the following teaser poster for the ‘Battle for the Cowl’ has come out with the potential contenders for the crown.


The contenders from the left to the right:

– Robin 3 (Tim Drake): As an ex Robin, he is naturally well suited to fill the cowl.

– Harlequin? (I am sure sure she is there just as window dressing but then she could make an interesting sidekick for a not so morally upright Batman)

– Alfred looks like he is all dressed up for his part as a World War 2 resistance fighter. Perhaps he will be taking a more active role the new Batman’s activities.

– Robin1/Nightwing (Dick Grayson): As the first Robin,  always considered to be Bruce Wayne’s spiritual successor for filling the Batman Mantle.

–  Robin2 (Jason Todd): The multi-coloured bat suit, could this somehow be Jason Todd, brought back to this dimension? The most unpopular Robin to date, so much so that fans voted for him to be beaten to death by the Joker.

– Hush (Timothy Elliot): The twin pistols are a dead giveaway. With the bats gone will Hush consider the best insult to be defiling the Batman name further by becoming the scourge of Gotham?

– Batwoman (Kate Kane): I assume that Batwoman is being added just to spice things up. As a character she hasn’t really commanded much support from fans (52 series), so I’d say she is really a side character rather than a serious contender.

– Son of the Bat (Damien Wayne): Son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. Sure he is a bit young but if anyone can claim direct inheritance to the title of Batman… He does become Batman in the future, but will one of the others take on the mantle in the meantime to instruct and influence him? And will his teacher be a champion of justice (Grayson, Drake), unhinged (Todd) or downright insane (Elliot)?

This will be very interesting ;p


2 Responses to “Will the Real Batman… Please Stand Up….”

  1. i am batman that is the truth

  2. batman here having break now before doing some work

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