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Christopher Reeve – Superman

One of the defining movies of my childhood was Superman. I can remember my father taking me to the movie theatre to see it and it remains to this day, one of my all time favourite films.

There is nothing that I can fault with this movie. The casting was brilliant, the script was witty, and the musical score… sweeping and inspiring.

I like many other people were shocked when I heard in 1995 that Christopher Reeve was involved in a riding accident and was left a quadriplegic. It was heart wrenching to see this icon from childhood, this Man of Steel now laid so low and so fragile. It was such a cruel joke of fate.

Like the character he played on the big screen, his strength of will overcame his weakness of body and he went on to become a champion for people all over the world  with spinal cord injuries, starting his own foundation to raise funds for patient support and embryonic stem cell research.

You may ask ask why the sentimental and soppy post? This man and the character he played was such strong defining influence in my formative years. Superman has always been one of my favourite superheroes, guess that’s why I am such a DC  fan boy.

Anyway I recently found this wonderful Superman tribute on Youtube. Christopher died in 2004 and I think this tribute captures exactly how I feel about my childhood hero, more than words can express.

Rest in Peace Christopher. You are missed. You will always be my hero.


One Response to “Christopher Reeve – Superman”

  1. Christopher Reeve was the perfect casting decision to play the Man of Steel. No matter how silly the film was (e.g. Superman III) he just made the character come alive.

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