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Terminator Salvation – OMFG WIN!!!!!

I must admit I was a bit skeptical about a new terminator movie especially after the last movie: Rise of the Machines. I liked the movie but it really didn’t live up to the legacy of the first and (most definitely) the second (Judgment Day) and IMHO opinion best movie.

The first movie teaser for Salvation was good but wasn’t enough to sell me. This trailer blew me away. The rumours of Christian Bale only being in the movie for 10 minutes (ala Steven Segal in Executive Decision) seems to have been blown out of the water. The Bale looks awesome as John Connor and the whole movie looks super gritty and quite frankly, AWESOME!

Here is a great scene by scene breakdown by the boys and girls at io9!

Can’t wait to see this one.


2 Responses to “Terminator Salvation – OMFG WIN!!!!!”

  1. hmm going to disagree with you on this one Mate, that trailer makes me quite concerned. Too early to say but I won’t be surprised if its a major disappointment.

  2. I agree with you. After Rise of the Machines, I thought the Terminator franchise should come to a close. But after seeing the previews, I must say I’m very excited about it. Plus, after two great seasons of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which at first I thought was a bad idea, I think the Terminator legacy can be redeemed.
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