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Abrams’ Trek Movie Stills….. Hmmm

Ok I should be super excited over these stills (surfacing all across the interwebs) from the upcoming JJ Abrams’ reimagining of the Trek Franchise but I find myself strangely underwhelmed. Perhaps another trailer and these scenes animated may be needed to assuage my troubled Trek preconceptions. Or perhaps I really don’t want them to screw the pooch on this one. I needs me my Star Trek FIX!

The crew looks spot on. This is the first time I have seen them all together in a shot, but they look so weird as the last time I saw the gang together they were readying themselves for entry into Starfleet retirement and shuffle board Academy . Will take me a while to get used to the more young and hip versions.

Also did they run outta Starfleet symbols for all of their uniforms? Kirk looks decidedly like a spokesperson for Apple computers. “Hi let me introduce you to the new Apple iPADD”.

Quinto is looking decidedly bad ass as Spock in this shot. Although its looks like he is choking Kirk.

Maybe its the old, “we don’t get on and I don’t trust you, you green blooded inhuman…. now I respect you and HEY now we are best buds, don’t go running into a warp core and go dying on me now forcing me to put my career in jeopardy by traveling to a disintegrating planet to obtain your reborn body and you immortal soul” riff.

The bridge is very bit brightly lit and the blue hue gives it a very sterile feel, but of course this could be just a publicity shot and the in movie lighting could be all different. I don’t know, its ok I guess but yet again I will have to see it on the big screen?

And what’s with the two huge desk lamps and handles on Uhura’s bridge station? I though she was the communications officer. And Sulu looks like he’s been beaten up. Questioning Captain’s orders again? Yeah the Kirk practices some tough love with his crew.

I see Chris Pine is channeling all the smugness, narcissism and self-assuredness that epitomizes William Shatner…. er I mean James T. Kirk, as he gives the order to “fire”.

Spock: “But Captain that is an unarmed civilian vessel…”

Kirk: “Mr. Spock…. The Captain was looking at me cockeyed… And there weren’t any human or exotic alien women that wanted to bone me so…. Take her out Mr. Chekov”

Next is Eric Bana as “the” bad guy (looks kinda like the darkside Romulan General from the last movie. Hope he is more threatening than that and adds more character depth. Hasn’t been a great Trek Movie villain since Khan. One of the best villains of all time IMHO.

Khan Noonien “Montalban” Singh!

And finally it’s a pic of the USS Kelvin blowing up. They really need to stop hooking up the cappuccino machine to the warp core in order to get some extra juice.  .;p

I am still a bit lukewarm about the new Trek Movie. Maybe it’s a natural defense mechanism to avoid being disappointed again, i.e. lower my expectations. But I have to admit these shots do look intriguing and I certainly hope it does give the Trek franchise the kick start and rebooting it so desperately needs.



2 Responses to “Abrams’ Trek Movie Stills….. Hmmm”

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  2. Short Skirts are back!! Woot!
    Bridge looks cool, but kinda advanced for old Trek.

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