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Star Blazers – The Memories.

I have many vivid childhood memories that have influenced my love of anime and one of the strongest (along with Robotech) has to be Star Blazers. The theme music, the ship (Go Mighty Yamato) and the characters (Derek Wildstar, Mark Venture, Desslock and Captain Avatar).

I recently revisited the cartoon of which I had such fond memories of and found the whole experience to be a bit lacking. Perhaps my anime palate has become more refined or my tolerance for sketchy animation had lessened. It’s hard to put a finger on it. I still love Robotech tho, so it was somewhat disappointing I didn’t get the same nostalgic awe that I got from watching Robotech all the way through again.

My fondness for the series seemed to be waning and seemed destined to live on only in my memories, until I found these You tube videos for a Japanese Company called coincidentally Yamato Holdings (BlackCat)  which show new updated animations of the Star Blazer series. It uses animation from the Playstation Game. Wow. It looks great! I can watch these things over and over again.

All those nostalgic feelings came rushing back again. Now I live in hope for a revival of the anime series of a similar quality of animation.

SINGS: “We’re off to outer space, We’re leaving Mother Earth, to save the Human Race, Our.. Star.. Blazers” ;p

Youtube embeding has been disabled, check out the clips here:

Star Blazers Kuroneko 1

Star Blazers Kuroneko 2


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