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Rant: Skyscape Screws iPhone Users

October 22, 2008

Well looks like Skyscape has decided to screw iPhone users. According to my conversation with this customer relations rep, while Skyscape apps on symbian, blackberry, windows mobile, palm and desktop will be available as a once off payment (standard edition), iPhone apps will only be available as a yearly subscription (subscription edition). Example: Stedmann’s What […]

Abrams’ Trek Movie Stills….. Hmmm

October 16, 2008

Ok I should be super excited over these stills (surfacing all across the interwebs) from the upcoming JJ Abrams’ reimagining of the Trek Franchise but I find myself strangely underwhelmed. Perhaps another trailer and these scenes animated may be needed to assuage my troubled Trek preconceptions. Or perhaps I really don’t want them to screw […]

US Elections – Mortal Combat Style

October 4, 2008

Absolutely HILLARIOUS “Kung Fu ala Mortal Combat Style Flash Game” pitting the candidates, their wives and their VPs in the gladiatorial arena of death. WOOT! IT HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!! YOUR SOUL IS MINE!!!!!!! OBAMA, BIDEN, MICHELLE B, MCCAIN, PALIN, CINDY M….. MORTAL COMBAT!!!!!!!! GO EXERCISE YOUR POLITICAL WILL AT: Atom: Kung Fu Election!

The Spirit (2008) 3rd trailer

October 1, 2008

Now I have been looking forward to the Spirit for a while now. But the trailers are becoming increasingly strange well… strange. I still think it looks great but I guess I am getting nervous that my expectations will be let down again like they have been so many times before regarding movies. Let’s hope […]

Star Blazers – The Memories.

October 1, 2008

I have many vivid childhood memories that have influenced my love of anime and one of the strongest (along with Robotech) has to be Star Blazers. The theme music, the ship (Go Mighty Yamato) and the characters (Derek Wildstar, Mark Venture, Desslock and Captain Avatar). I recently revisited the cartoon of which I had such […]