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Contents of my bag

So I am sitting here at work waiting for the next case up come out to recovery and started to rifle through my backpack.

I haven’t really bothered to organise my backpack for quite a while now (just throwing stuff in) and was suprised as to how many electronic devices I have in there.

1. MacBook Pro
2. DS Lite
3. PSP
4. Zen Vision M 30gb
5. BT GPS Unit (from my Jasjam)
6. Casio Exilim 3mp (old camera)
7. 40gb USB HDD
8. iPhone 3G 16gb (in my pocket but still on me) ;p

Yep that’s a lot of gadgets!! And heaps of recharge and USB cables. Yep I think a clean up is in order. Hehe.


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