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iPhone Users: Welcome to Reality 2.0

The guys from tonchidot have posted this concept video for an application they hope to develop for the iPhone that would allow you to post tags and comments on an “airspot” and have friends and other users see that tag while viewing the real world through their iPhone camera.

The concept is mindblowing, fresh and original. Its like points of interest on GPS but instead of using a map on the iPhone you view the physical world through the iPhone camera and POIs just pop up with text information, comments or voice recordings. Very very cool!

Still not sure this is really workable but if anyone can make it work it’ll be those crazy Japanese.

Thanks to QueenofSwords for the Youtube link.

I was just about to go there myself when I got your email. I guess we are both TWIT Nuts! ;p

So welcome to reality 2.0. It’s like the real world but better!


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