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Microsoft Ads – Now We’re on the Right Track

I have had very mixed reactions to the recent Microsoft ads with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld.

On the one hand I found myself totally confused as to what the message, if any there was, excluding an vague subliminal musings that some advertising guru came up with on his or her latest LSD trip.

By the second ad, I found myself liking the oddball interactions between the wacky twosome and was kinda looking forward to the third one. There have been contradictory reports during the week as to whether Microsoft has dropped the ads or simply just changed tact while allowing for the possiblity of more Gates and Seinfeld comdey stylings.

Around this time, this ad was released:

I actually like it quite a bit. It is specific and it directly addresses the fact that years of “i’m a mac / i’m a pc” ads have pretty much exploited the woes of vista and made the “the pc” a stereotype (with Microsoft never responding).

A few vague ‘stars’ grace the ad. Depak Chopra, Eva Longoria, etc. But all in all, a much better effort focusing the message than the previous ads.

Just when you think that Microsoft have gotten on message and are about to turn things around, this…… I have no idea what to call it…. er impromptu…… er moment surfaces on the Vista: Life without Walls page:

Now Ballmer is known to get….. well….. excited about things as illustrated in his previous antics at Microsoft Developer events but this is downright scary. I am however happy that Microsoft are back on track.

Personally I have never liked the “i’m a mac / i’m a pc” ads I always found them smug, smarmy and condescending. I always rooted for John Hodgeman’s PC Guy, as he was more relatable and funny compared the hipster doofus Mac Guy played by Justin Long.

Even now, (i own a Macbook Pro) I still don’t like those ads. I think they are mean spirited and they focus on what wrong with the competitor rather than whats good about apple. Apple has great products and I think they should take the high road. Even now with the new ads, Microsoft refuses to attack Apple.

Here are some hillarious parodies of those “i’m a mac / i’m a pc” ads I love:


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