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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine & The Dominion War

This is a kick ass youtube video that shows some of the greatest space battle scenes of the Deep Space Nine: Dominion War arc.

The song is “Time is Running” out by Muse. Totally Awesome!!

Deep Space Nine was by far my favourite Star Trek series. It had the best overarcing storylines any definately the best character development. Altough all the series had great episodes and very interesting storylines, DS9 carried it’s storylines across seasons which places it, in my opinion in the league of Bablyon 5 and Stargate SG1 for quality of storytelling.

The only thing I was disaapointed with DS9 was the ending. I believe that the Domionion War ended was too abruptly and they really should have made it a double episode ending and more dramatic. However all in all a great series and worthy of the mantle: “One of Starfleet’s Finest”.

And the final episode montage was perfect. Nostalgic, touching and bittersweet. The omission of Terry Farrell as Jadzia was obviously due to her leaving the show. Understandable but it would have been more complete with her in it.

But by far the most touching moment has to be the final scene where Jake is staring out of a porthole at the wormhole, longer for his father. That scene still chokes me up to this day.


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