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iPhone: My Mixed Bag Experience

So I have had my iPhone for a little over a month now and I thought i’d share my thoughts on it.


Having switched across from a Windows Mobile device, I am loving the interface and the safari web browser. It actually makes surfing the internet on a mobile device bearable. The phone itself looks very slick and all in all from a conceptual design and a user interface point of view I am very happy with this device.


1) Build Quality.

I have had the most horrendous luck when it comes to the quality of the devices I have received from Apple.

iPhone 1: 2 dead pixels.

iPhone 2: 6 stuck pixels

iPhone 3: 3 stuck pixels and a misaligned case making the right hand side rough and sharp.

iPhone 4: 2 very faint stuck pixels and 1cm backlight leakage on the top right hand corner.

The fifth iPhone is on its way. Now admittedly, the product specialists at Apple have been fantastic. They have just told me to send it back and they replace it immediately over the phone, no questions asked. So top mark’s to Apple for the excellent customer service, but product quality….. It’s been frustrating.

2) Firmware.

Even with improvements with OS firmware 2.0.2 I still have to periodically soft reset my iPhone when it freezes or when its running super slow. This is probably a combination of firmware and all those apps I have on the phone but I didn’t find myself rebooting my Jasjam as much I am with my iPhone now. CRAZY. Hopefully they will get their act together with update 2.1 on Friday.

3) App Store or “Where the Frak are all the Good Apps?”

Ok except for a few good apps (like Shazam, Datacase, Holdem, MotionX Poker, Sol Free, etc.), apps from well known Windows Mobile and Palm developers are noticably, almost suspicious in their absence. Instead we find the App store dominated with a multitude of useless free apps that are a waste of space and time, and a truckload of small $1 – 2 apps that clog up the screen, making browsing the App Store an arduous task. I mean there’s are over 10 mini apps to calculate a tip, your body mass index, your fuel mileage, etc. WTF?

Initially it was kinda ok as the App Store wasn’t that big but now it’s like sifting through gallons of mud in the hope that you may find that one useful app that you may consider buying. Something seriously has to change otherwise the App Store is going to become unmanageable.

I am still waiting with bated breath for Skyscape to put their medical applications on the App Store, as well as for some of the major gaming companies to bring some good games to the device. Spore is a good start but no interaction between the mini game and the main game is a bit lame.

Also why is there no integrated syncable to do list or notes like there is in any other mobile device OS? That is just strange.


Ultimately my experience with the iPhone has been a bit of a mixed bag but I am willing to keep with it to see if things improve. It is seriously a great device and nothing really rivals it atm.

Just give me some apps that I can find useful (like the ability to edit MS Office documents and Cut and Paste) and a stable firmware and OS (PLEASE)! ;p

Well my fifth iPhone and fourth replacement unit arrived today.


1) It’s a refurb. How do I know the scratches on the bottom part of the bezel…..

2) Any stuck pixels? You bet one bright one near the top right of the screen.

3) And just to add insult to injury there is a very visible speck of dust near the top left of the screen.

4) Anything else? Sure there’s a little dint in the bezel on the right hand side and a tiny bump (not a dent, comes from the inside out) in the back case.

So is this little camper happy? NO………………….

So its on the phone to Apple again tomorrow. (ANOTHER REPLACEMENT ON IT’S WAY).


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