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Ok. I realise that I live in Australia.

But the upcoming US Elections really interest me. On the one side you have the idealistic and comparatively inexperienced Barack Obama promising change for America from the last 8 years of George Dubuya Bush. And on the other side you have the self proclaimed Maverick John McCain who has voted with Bush 90% of the time.

In my opinion the US people have become jaded and tired from fighting the war in Iraq and seeing their economy go into the toilet. They are ready for change. The question is it going to be real change or more fo the same masquerading as real change?

Personally, the thought of the US getting its first President of colour is an exciting proposition which would mark a milestone in the pages of history. Certainly something I would like to witness in my lifetime.

To muddy the waters up and to draw attention away from the inaminate and geriatric John McCain and in a blantant attempt to woo Hillary Clinton supporters and the women’s vote to their cause, the Republicans have drafted the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

Palin has only been Governor of Alaska (population 695,000) for 20 months and before that Mayor of Wasilla, a town with a population of 9000. And except for the fact that she is a woman, she is the polar opposite of the Hillary Clinton in all her beliefs.

And it seems the Republicans are choking on their own hypocrisy, defending criticisms of her by the media, while at the same time ‘on the record’, having criticised the Democrats for exactly the same flaws. It seems that the criticism is warranted only so long as it is not be leveled at their own Vice Presidential nominee. Yeah you said it right O’Reilly, you conservatives are the real PINHEADS!

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