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First Post! From my iphone YAY!

Hi there Internet. This is my very first post done from my iphone.

I hope to regularly update this blog with the goings on in my life. Funny things that I find on the web. And also random thoughts that may pop into my head from time to time.

The blog design is a work in progress so it is still in alpha testing mode at the moment hehe.

In my journey to find a unique name for the blog, I decided on ‘neoprotoculture’. The reason for this is because I wanted it to be related to something I cherished from my youth and Robotech was high up there in my most vivid childhood memories.

Protoculture was a Zentradi term that meant ‘old culture or ancient culture’ and Earth culture itself.

So New (neo) Earth Culture or just new information, news or cultural memes and my thoughts on them. Seemed fitting. ;p


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