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Contents of my bag

September 28, 2008

So I am sitting here at work waiting for the next case up come out to recovery and started to rifle through my backpack. I haven’t really bothered to organise my backpack for quite a while now (just throwing stuff in) and was suprised as to how many electronic devices I have in there. 1. […]

iPhone Users: Welcome to Reality 2.0

September 23, 2008

The guys from tonchidot have posted this concept video for an application they hope to develop for the iPhone that would allow you to post tags and comments on an “airspot” and have friends and other users see that tag while viewing the real world through their iPhone camera. The concept is mindblowing, fresh and […]

Microsoft Ads – Now We’re on the Right Track

September 22, 2008

I have had very mixed reactions to the recent Microsoft ads with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. On the one hand I found myself totally confused as to what the message, if any there was, excluding an vague subliminal musings that some advertising guru came up with on his or her latest LSD trip. By […]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine & The Dominion War

September 14, 2008

This is a kick ass youtube video that shows some of the greatest space battle scenes of the Deep Space Nine: Dominion War arc. The song is “Time is Running” out by Muse. Totally Awesome!! Deep Space Nine was by far my favourite Star Trek series. It had the best overarcing storylines any definately the […]

Dawn of War 2 Cinematic Trailer and Gameplay Videos

September 12, 2008

Sweet. Space Marines! Go Blood Angels!!!!! All I can say is that dirty Eldar Farseer got what was coming to her…. er him…. er…. ah they are all androgynous anyway. Anyone got any Aeroguard? Looks like they have a bit of a bug problem.  ;p Totally Awesome! This is going to rock and blow up […]

City of Heroes vs City of Villians Tribute Video

September 11, 2008

I loved this MMORPG when it first came out. Definitely one of the best in its genre, superheroes. Never really got into the whole City of Villains expansion but after finding this gem of a tribute video: I found myself craving the whole superhero MMORPG genre all over again. Maybe I’ll give DC Universe […]

iPhone: My Mixed Bag Experience

September 10, 2008

So I have had my iPhone for a little over a month now and I thought i’d share my thoughts on it. THE PROS: Having switched across from a Windows Mobile device, I am loving the interface and the safari web browser. It actually makes surfing the internet on a mobile device bearable. The phone […]

Robocop Vs. Terminator Vs. Predator

September 9, 2008

OMG. This has so many shades of WIN. Three of my favourite sci fi franchises from childhood thrown together to form the mother of all clubsandwich video mashups. WOOT. The editing is fantastic. This video really made my day. ;p UPDATE: PART 2 of the ROBOCOP VS TERMINATOR SAGA WOOT ED209 TO THE RESCUE! PART […]


September 9, 2008

Ok. I realise that I live in Australia. But the upcoming US Elections really interest me. On the one side you have the idealistic and comparatively inexperienced Barack Obama promising change for America from the last 8 years of George Dubuya Bush. And on the other side you have the self proclaimed Maverick John McCain […]

Star Trek: 40th Anniversary Tribute

September 9, 2008

Yes I know its a couple of years late but I just discovered this gem on Youtube and felt I needed to share. Also it features the hauntingly beautiful musical piece from Jay Chattaway that was featured in the Next Gen episode “Inner Light”, one of my all time favourite Next Gen episodes. Anyway this […]